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Introduction of Lab Created Diamond


The real diamond simulants & The affordable alternative to diamonds :

1: What did the name diamondlite come from? What is diamondlite?

This product was first developed by Japanese; it is a true and pure simulated diamond. Using the latest and highly advance nano technology, diamond crystal is coated all over the surface of special cut and polished cubic zirconia. The crystal diamond coating is composed of a multitude of tiny diamond crystals all aligned together to give Diamondlite a true look of a real diamond. Each Nano diamond crystal has the optical and physical properties of a pure diamond.It looks like top quality DE/vvs DIMOAND, It also can come with the certificates, where each stone is laser inscribed with the certificate number.

This makes diamondlites virtually impossible to visually identify even a Gemologist or a diamond expert finds it difficult to differentiate diamondlite to a diamond.

This is very popular to those, who are always looking for sensational new look towards glamour , style and fun. Who did not willing to pay price for real diamond, who cannot afford to buy real diamond.

Diamondlites started to come to Japan and Singapore, it always extends to other countries like UAS, HK, England.

2: What Forever Star Jewelry Co. Ltd Offer?

Compared with other companies, we can offer diamondlite at much cheaper price, which is made from real diamond, but same look and let people feel without paying the price.

we are passionate about excellence and offer an affordable luxury product for today's savvy and trendy women and allow women from all walks of life to satisfy a variety of needs, ranging from classics, to high fashion

3: Brilliance, cut,color and shape

Diamondlite is hand-cut to precision and grades better in every aspect of the GIA diamond grading scale than most diamonds

For all round stones, it can be featured with "hearts & arrows"

Diamondlite comes in the diamond color grade of D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L and M

Shape : round, pear, cushion, princess ,marquise etc

DIAMONDLITE comes in VS ~ VVS quality only.

4: weight

Diamond simulants, particularly cubic zirconia, weight approximately 1.7 times more than diamonds. A one carat diamond simulant will weigh more than a one carat diamond, but will generally look the same size




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