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The origin of the name of Jadeite


The origin of the name of Jadeite

There is saying: "Jadeite" comes from the Fei Cui bird. This bird has a very beautiful feather. The male bird, called Jade bird, has red feathers ;while the female bird, named kingfisher , has green feathers . In ancient times,the feathers of Fei Cui bird were an extremely precious ornament. Its feathers were not only popular in the local area, but also became court tributes, and were deeply loved by queens and concubines. After entering China market, Myanmar jade was named "Jadeite" because its color was mostly green and red, which was similar to the color of Fei Cui bird.

Another way of saying is that "Jadeite" is a homonym of "Fei Cui". It is said that Jade entered Chinese market on a large scale in the early Qing Dynasty. Over time, its name was gradually replaced by the word "Jadeite" with a similar pronunciation, and it is still in use today.

The English name of jade is Jadeite, which comes from the Spanish plcdode jade, it means a gemstone worn on the waist. In the 16th century, it was considered a gemstone that can low back pain.Jadeite Rings Gr0004249 4Jadeite Rings Gr0004248 3Jadeite Rings Gr0004247 3Jadeite Rings Gr0004246 4




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