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The Basic Principles and Methods of Evaluating the Quality of Jadeite


The Basic Principles and Methods of Evaluating the Quality of Natural Jadeite

In 2009, the National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center organized the formulation of the national standard "Jadeite Grading". The standard evaluates the quality of jadeite jewelry qualitatively and quantitatively in terms of color, transparency, texture, purity and processing technology.

1) Color is the key to the quality of jadeite. The color of high-quality jadeite should be pure, vivid , bright , and uniform.

2) Transparency will endow jadeite with spirituality. With the cooperation of transparency, the color of jadeite should be pure, vivid, bright and uniform.

3) Texture affects the beauty and firmness of jadeite. The finer and more uniform the texture, the higher the quality of jadeite.

4) The clarity of jadeite depends on the amount of impurity minerals contained in the jade and the degree of cracks.The purer the jade, the rarer it is, the higher clarity it be.

5) Evaluation of processing technology of Jadeite Jewelry includes evaluation of raw material application design and evaluation of grinding and polishing processes.

What is the meaning of Jadeite Grading A, B, C ?

1) [Grade A Jadeite": untreated natural jadeite. it is natural jadeite without any other substance that has not been artificially damaged by physical or chemical methods.

2) "Grade B Jadeite" : treated natural jadeite obtained by bleaching, dipping in wax or bleaching and filling .

3) "Grade C Jadeite" : treated natural jadeite obtained by artificially coloring.

4) "Grade B+C Jadeite" : treated natural jadeite obtained by bleaching, filling and dyeing .

5) Coated jadeite

Coated film jadeite, also known as "dressing jadeite", is to coat a layer of green film on the surface of colorless or light-colored jadeite with good transparency and texture to imitate high-grade green jadeite.

6) Assembled emerald

Assembled jadeite refers to the combination of two or more pieces of jadeite or other materials artificially, giving the illusion of a whole piece of jadeite. There are generally two types of composite jadeite: two-layer stone and three-layer stone.

7) Reconstructed jadeite

Reconstructed jadeite is a kind of jadeite made of natural jadeite scraps, glue and pigments.

8) Synthetic Jadeite

Synthetic jadeite is mainly composed of directional convenience jade minerals and glass, and its chemical composition is basically close to that of jadeite minerals. Therefore, the physical properties of synthetic jadeite such as hardness, density, and refractive index are basically the same as those of natural jadeite.

The National Standard for Jewelry and Jade (GB/T 16552-2003) stipulates that treated jadeite must be marked as "Jadeite (Treated)" in its identification certificate, same for: coated jadeite, combined jadeite, reconstituted jadeite, etc.

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