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What is the difference between jadeite and Hetian jade and other jade species?


What is the difference between Jadeite and Hetian jade and other jade species?

Jadeite is hard jade with a Mohs hardness of 6.5~7. It is composed of jadeite or other sodium and sodium calcium pyroxene (sodium chrome pyroxene, omphacite). Hetian jade is nephrite jade with a Mohs hardness of 6.0~6.5. It is composed of tremolite minerals, and normally, its content is more than 90%. The main chemical composition is calcium magnesium silicate. For other jade species, the Mohs hardness is below 6.5, and their chemical composition is different from that of jadeite.

What is the use of Jadeite?

Since the ancient saying "gold has a price and jade is priceless", it can be seen that jade is precious. As the "King of Jade", jadeite attracts more and more jadeite lovers with its unique charm, and wearing jadeite has become more and more popular in today's era. The beauty of Jadeite lies in its brilliant and colorful colors, its tough texture, and the exquisite shape and craftsmanship endowed by carvers and carpenters. With the development of social civilization and the improvement of people's living standards, the jade worn by gentlemen in ancient times has become something for ordinary people to enjoy. From tools to sacrificial sacred objects, they have become objects or commodities for viewing, collecting, playing and wearing.

What is Guatemalan Jadeite?

Jadeite is a mineral aggregate composed of jadeite or other sodium and sodium-calcium pyroxene (sodium chrome pyroxene, omphacite) which has gem value, and may contain a small amount of hornblende, feldspar, ferrochrome Minerals such as ore. Mohs hardness 6.5~7, density 3.34 (+0.06-0.09) g/cm°, refractive index 1.666~1.680 (±0.008), spot measurement 1.65~1.67.

Guatemala jadeite refers to the natural jadeite produced in the Republic of Guatemala, a country in Central America. It is referred to as "Guatemala jadeite" in the market. The use of jade in Guatemala actually has a very long history. As early as the Olmec civilization, Mayan civilization, and Aztec civilization, jade was used to make sacrificial supplies, and its use has a long history. The physical structure, physical properties, and main components of Guatemalan jadeite are basically the same as those of Myanmar jadeite (Burmese material).

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